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Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin is a unique and ingenious clothing line embodying exclusivity. The founders’ vision was a line that wasn’t saturated in the streets. To do so, every season since launch has had limited quantities of each piece. With the launch of their mobile app they will be able to further solidify their dominance in street wear. The app provides all functionality of the website, but also gives fans a way to further engage with the brand in a way not offered before.

UI Design, iOS, Development

Cam fairfax app dc6f712a6f7db1cd133e4e6220f3e9d4065ae2942c3a1adaaf18b62ca178ba29

Cam Fairfax

Creating a portfolio of your work is one of the most important things you can do as a photographer. For years now professionals were making portfolios on their websites, but with the amount of smartphones in the market today an app for everything was the logical next step. This app built for Cam Fairfax is a concise way to present his photography and videography work. And it also offers the ability to book him, check out his blog, and check out his shop.

UI Design, iOS, Development

Rae sremmurd app f854b3c5804c5e06839a7d7456b7c8a92751f1b4d4922db459b16bf3a2b28d8e


The hip hop duo known as Rae Sremmurd recently kicked off their tour, and we created their official app which allows you to follow along with exclusive photo and video content, adorn your photos with Rae-themed stickers, and cop tickets for the tour.

UI Design, iOS, Development

Pink dolphin imessage app d4816556f7fcc0e12872eb02a49502c4d1e165784ee2ffccfc85310a1338d2d6

Pink Dolphin iMessage App

The new iMessage framework that allows iOS10 users to create app extensions that directly interact with iMessage has users in a frenzy. Now that you can easily add stickers into your messages, brands are looking to get into it. And a brand that’s constantly ahead of trends is Pink Dolphin. Be on the lookout for their iMessage extension coming out soon!

UI Design, iOS, Development

Lit iphone app 9fd4071e454a635e8e8ec79985b6855eec9153d0af4e2f61754879263f1f0f29


Get to know who’s in your area. Discover and swipe through people near you, and connect and meet up with people who share your interests.

UI Design, iOS, Development

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MidiCi Pizza

Delicious MidiCi pizzas are only a tap away with the official MidiCi app, which allows you to order pizzas for delivery as well as stay up to date on the latest, tastiest menu items and store locations. Stay tuned for them to expand into almost 20 new locations in the near future.

UI Design, iOS, Development

Jugo app aeec2c13353c5b78170711fb23fa19a7576626c369327a8cce12a77eaa9ab515


Meet and make friends with people who want to go out and participate in the same activities that you do. Jugo connects you to awesome people who share your interests, and allows you to make plans with them to do something that you are all passionate about. For example, if you’re interested in climbing, you can use Jugo to find a fun climbing event to attend, but more importantly, people to attend it with.

UI Design, iOS, Development