We are a creative agency with an unconventional and diverse team that works out of Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Boston. We’ve shipped products for a diverse set of clients in entertainment, tech, fashion and the corporate world.


Alaxic Smith

Design + Engineering

Alaxic is a UI/UX designer and web/mobile software engineer. Alaxic's technical and design experience run deep. Having moved to San Francisco at 16 to start a company, and later to Los Angeles to build that company, Alaxic has become the go-to tech/design consultant for the entertainment industry. Alaxic was also named as one of BET's 30 Young Men on the Brink of Making It Big.

Azeem Khan


Azeem Khan is an accomplished digital marketing strategist who has been working with early stage tech startups for the past two years. Before that he was a co-founder of Supshot, during which time he was nominated a 35 Under 35 Entrepreneur by Inc Magazine.

Paul Paliath


Paul is a web and mobile UI/UX designer, front-end web developer, and writer. He founded a tech blog at the age of 13 and worked as a tech blogger until 17, gaining extensive experience in writing, editing, PR, and strategy. Having to design his blog during its conception led to an inadvertent discovery of his passion as a designer, and he was quickly consumed with side projects and freelance work. Paul stopped blogging professionally to be a full-time designer in 2012, and has since designed for and advised early stage startups around the world on design.